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Dear Parents and Friends of Canby High School,

It was another great week to be a Canby Cougar although Thursday was challenging it became a fantastic “teachable moment” for students and staff.  Tonight, Channel 2’s High School Blitz has selected the Lake Oswego vs Canby football game as their “High School Blitz”, #k2blitz, game of the week.  When the Cougars win, CHS will host K 2 Blitz in our gymnasium at 11:00 pm.  This is a live telecast, #k2blitz.

Today, Canby Manufacturers, City, Chamber and Canby High School celebrate National Manufacturing Day.  Five local employers are hosting tours for CHS students today so they can see and better understand the manufacturing industry in Canby.  Employers hosting CHS students are: Pioneer Pump, Milwaukee Electronics, American Steel, Product Manufacturing, Package Containers and Advanced Flight Systems.  We are excited to be part of this growing partnership.

CHS students checking out a bag creator that is over 110 years old and still in operation at Product Manufacturing.

Love the newly installed bleachers in the main gymnasium!


 Student leaders and CHS administration reach consensus-built compromise on supporting Cancer Awareness nights…

We began Thursday, October 2nd, with numerous students entering the school wearing pink and Channel 8 News interviewing students from a site located just off campus.  It wasn’t long before my admin team and I were notified the students were upset about the position the high school administration had taken for over a decade regarding the student-athletes wearing pink during athletic contests.  It has been a long-standing commitment of the administration to maintain the sanctity of the high school athletic event and required athletic teams to wear the school approved gear.  Students and fans alike were permitted to wear the theme of the week or promote worthy causes.   This issue never was about students wearing pink or if our school administration was in support breast cancer awareness.  Other more absurd issues began to surface on twitter and other social media sources.  Some stated that students were going to be suspended for wearing pink, others stated students would be suspended for supporting breast cancer awareness, none of which had any foundation in truth. 

By the end of first period my admin team and I determined a meeting needed to be held with a contingent of student leaders during lunchtime. Key student leaders were notified of our desire to meet and that they needed to determine which dozen or so students would represent their peers for a meeting.  This meeting was announced to the student body during a scheduled “lockdown/direct evacuation” drill during second period. 

At lunchtime twelve student leaders representing all fall sports teams, leadership and other athletic and activity teams met with me in the main office conference room.  Approximately 50-75 gathered outside the conference room to support the student leaders.

The conversation began with a lot of emotion but quickly became one of tremendous passion and then moved to one of building true consensus in decision-making.  The following represents the agreed upon decisions made through this process:

·        All CHS athletic and activity teams/groups may have one cancer awareness night per season with the approval of the head coach or advisor.
o   Cancer Awareness nights will include all types of cancers. 
o   Cancer Awareness nights must be held during a CHS home event.
o   In the fall, Cancer Awareness night will occur in October
o   Pink may be worn as an accessory item only as agreed by the head coach or advisor. Ie: gloves, socks, shoes, ribbons, etc.
·         Peter Jordan and Ethan Patterson agreed to write a public address/service announcement, PSA, to be read at all Cancer Awareness events.
·         Spencer Cummings and Brant Lapp agreed to create a banner design to be hung at all CHS Cancer Awareness events.
·         A donation jar or box would be made available at all Cancer Awareness events.  All proceeds to be given to local Portland/Metro area cancer research institutes to be determined.  Tyson Harris agreed to research the names of local cancer research institutes.
Once again our student leaders and general student body rose to the occasion and conducted themselves with class and worked with the administration to reach a positive consensus-built agreement.  The work of these student leaders today personified what we expect our young people to become: thoughtful, engaged, constructive citizens. This was an inspiring learning moment for all of our students that showed our students’ ability to move this cause to a level beyond just awareness for Canby High School through thoughtful engagement. We look forward to seeing the results of their efforts throughout the year.

Have a great week!

Pat Johnson, Principal



• Picture retakes are Monday, October 6th!

• Graduation All-night Party (GAP) announces meeting schedule: These are the dates for the graduation all night party meetings for our seniors at CHS. Please come and help support them by giving them a safe, drug free, alcohol free party to help celebrate their graduation! Students at CHS, ask your parents to get involved. The meetings are held in the Fourth Street Center, across from main office, starting at 7:30 and last about an hour. You don't have to have a senior to come - this is all planned and put together by parents. Let's hear your input and celebrate our SENIORS. If you cannot attend the meetings, think about donating your time at the GAP party on June 5, 2015. It's always a great time and we need help in all areas. We also accept cash donations to help purchase gift for each of the seniors. Let me know if you have any questions!!! - Angelica Marine, 7amarine at gmail.com


October 14

November 18

January 13

February 10

March 17

April 7 & 21

May 5, 12, 19, and 26

June 2



Dates to Remember:

-       Friday, October 3rd  – CHS students participate in Canby’s Manufacturing Day!

-       Friday, October 10th – Teacher training/Progress reporting Day ~ No School for Students

-       Wednesday, October 15th – PSAT testing for all 10th & 11th grade students, 12th grade work writing work sample opportunity and 9th grade DLI students proficiency testing ~ ½ day for students present

-       Wednesday, October 15th - Parent/Teacher Conferences; 4:00 – 8:00 pm in the CHS Cafeteria/commons

-       Tuesday, November 11th Veteran’s Day observance ~ No school for students & staff


Pertinent Information:

• Come join the Oregon School Boards Association for an opportunity to engage with Congressman Kurt Schrader about current issues impacting K-12.  This is a chance to share your student and district needs with your congressman in a town hall type discussion. We look forward to your participation.

When: October 9th beginning at 6 pm

Where: Canby High School in the Applied Technology Center

Meeting will be held in the Omni room.


• Canby Area Recognition of Excellence (CARE) Award: Canby High School has many excellent well deserving teachers of this award recognition.  If you or your student had an invaluable learning experience from a CHS teacher or you know of a teacher doing amazing things with students pleases consider nominating them for the CARE Award. 

CARE’s mission is to recognize our teachers and staff who excel in educating our children by building a foundation that supports a lifelong love of learning, challenges our children to strive for better and enhances the lives of our children… one student at a time! 

The CARE Award allows individuals to nominate teachers and support staff whose efforts ensure our children get the most from their education.  Nominations can be made either electronically or on paper through the Canby School District (www.canby.k12.or.us) or the Kiwanis (www.canbykiwanis.org).  Each month one educator will be presented the award accompanied by a token of appreciation provided by local business. 

Instructional Focus:

 “Creative and Critical Thinking”


Teaching Philosophy:

“Use a variety of Teaching Strategies that address Different Learning Styles”


Best Teaching Practice being practiced is:

“Use of questioning strategies”

CHS Daily and Athletic/Activity Schedules:

When visiting the link below, you can always view the latest version of this information and can also use the buttons in the upper right of this report to print, email, or download the information into many different file formats for use in other programs.





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